derby-timer Needs An Update

For several reasons, it's time to update the implementation of derby-timer, the small java program that talks to your track timer and to your DerbyNet server:

I have access to a couple of the most popular brands of pinewood derby timer, but certainly not all. This testing work will be possible only with the help of users like you.

The rewritten code is available for testing now: it has been added to the most recent release derby-timer.jar, and can be activated by a command line flag. We're asking for your help to try out the new code with your timer.

Here's What To Do

Please download the latest version of derby-timer.jar here, and launch from the command line as follows:

java -jar derby-timer.jar -beta-test -simulate-host -lanes nlanes

... replacing nlanes with the number of lanes on your track. Then please try the following:

When the new code has received enough testing, there will be another update to derby-timer, this time to use the new code by default, with the legacy code available with a command line flag. At some future time, the legacy code would then be retired.

Thank You!